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Client Life Coordinator & Community Support Worker
Atlantic Hope Women's Centre (St. Johns, NL)

Posted On: Thu, 31 Aug. 2023
Pay Rate: As Agreed
Hours: Full Time
Reporting To: Centre Director

Note: This is a full-time position directly reporting to the Centre Director; pay rate as agreed, based on experience, expertise, and applicable education.

The primary responsibility of this hybrid role is to provide support to those who are enrolled in Teen Challenge’s 12-month faith-based, rehabilitation Program. The incumbent works with the clients in all areas of personal development, growth, life skills, as well as social and spiritual activities in order to enable the client to attain his/her full potential. Responsibilities include: promoting an environment that is supportive, nurturing, healthy and safe, while helping to ensure that the physical needs of clients are met. Responsible for proper and accurate recording of all daily logs, shift reports, incident reports, scheduling medical and legal appointments and activities, overseeing incoming client-related donations, and all other documentation as required.

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  • Perform Admission of applicants into the Teen Challenge Program, welcoming the applicant, providing orientation during the Orientation Period, and administer all forms and consents
  • Attend to all legal matters, including communications with external legal parties
  • Enrol and administer any social service support programs available to the student
  • Ensure all timely student scheduling, communications and coordination of off-site and on-site student activities, through the student database
  • Provide daily processing, communication & coordination of student requests, passes & visits
  • Coordinate all student appointments (legal, medical, dental, etc.) for approvals, transportation, communications and scheduling
  • Coordination of staff requests for student activities (outreach, special events, etc.)
  • Provide oversight to student needs and requests (haircuts, clothing, & other personal needs) including bed assignments and dormitory needs
  • Coordinate all student after-hours activities and student affairs as needed
  • Coordinate student affairs with other staff as needed
  • Coordinate student compliance with all Program policy and procedures
  • Administer the student bank, including safeguarding and security, reconciliation, distributionand other related procedures in regards to student money, according to Teen Challenge guidelines and Accounting’s policies
  • Manage student personal effects storage
  • Maintain and oversee the discharge procedures for students departing the program
  • Participate in various departmental operational duties, tasks and meetings
  • Willingness and ability to work in a manner that aligns with the mission, vision, and core values of Teen Challenge Canada
  • Promote an environment and program that is both supportive and nurturing
  • Have a working knowledge of the application and maintenance of program procedures and standards
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the psychological and social dynamics of working with students coping with addictions
  • Maintain a safe, clean and harmonious environment for students and staff
  • Effectively communicate with students and program team members to ensure coordinated and consistent approaches to students are applied
  • Resolve any conflicts that may occur by applying techniques adapted from Crisis Prevention Intervention training
  • Endeavour to develop strong positive rapport with both staff and students
  • Ensure the accuracy of all daily logs, shift reports, incident reports, and other pertinent documentation as necessary
  • Administer medication to students in accordance with established policies
  • Responsible for assisting with any type of student and facility emergencies that may arise during the shift
  • Required to answer internal phone calls and email messages pertaining to students and the program
  • Responsible for transportation of students to and from specific destinations including, but not limited to: programming sites, doctor’s appointments, planned activities, church, and other destinations as required

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